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Maison des Océans in Paris

The Maison des Océans in Paris, inaugurated on the 23rd January 1911, completes the Prince's work. It fulfills a important void in Sciences teaching in France at the beginning of the 20th Century: the new discipline of oceanography whose importance was only coming to light, and the Prince wished to become its "propagator".

The results of his campaigns were presented in renowned locations and in front of specialised audiences: the Academy of Sciences in Paris, the Society of biology, the Zoological Society of France and various geographical societies so to expand, his wish was to erect a centre for studies and teaching.

Therefore this building was designed, drawn by Henri-Paul Nénot, architect of the Sorbonne, associated to the statutory Constant Roux and Paul Landowski, the painter Louis Tinayre and the decorators Emmanuel Cavaillé-Coll and Léon Laugier.

The building can be found at 195, rue Saint-Jacques in Paris, 5th arrondissement. The building is located close to the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Pantheon, in the intersection of rue Saint-Jacques and Gay-Lussac.

The Maison des Océans regularly hosts international conferences bringing together experts, entrepreneurs and political decision-makers to discuss the main challenges of sustainable management of the oceans.

It regroups under one roof the big players of the environment and ocean protection: the Oceanographic Institute, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, IUCN, the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity, the French Agency for Marine Protected Areas, INDEMER.

The Maison des Océans is open to the public every second Wednesday of the month excluding school holidays, for a public Conference.

These exceptional and prestigious spaces can also host seminars, cocktails and other events...

See the article of Christelle Inizan on the history of the building in-situ, Revue des patrimoines.

Presentation of the Oceanographic Institute

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